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When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom, it’s not always easy to let go of the reigns. If you’re someone that likes to have a say on the interior design of every room, handing it over to another wild imagination can be a lot to handle. Nevertheless, childhood is fleeting and you should be prepared to let your little one have a say on the design of their bedroom.

Children spend a lot of time hanging out in their rooms, from sleeping and playing, to settling down with their first bits of homework, reading and getting creative with crafts. A child’s bedroom should be a reflection of who they are but we’ve also got some tips and tricks for you to help keep things stylish. From the practical small spaces to the fun shared rooms, our selection of smart and stylish children’s bedroom decorating ideas will keep both you and the kids happy. It’s time to release your inner child…


Choose a theme AND a layout

When it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom, choosing a theme is a great place to start. This will stop things becoming muddled and will help you to keep focus, while also keeping your child on side if it’s something you decide on together.


childdrens-bedroom-layout-roby-baldan-interiors Image credit: Elle Decor

A kids bedroom layout can be tricky as the room will typically have multiple functions. Assess the space, work out what you need and think about where it will work best. If you have a small space, work out what is most important to your child and what they’re likely to make use of. Do they like drawing? If you only have a small space to work with, a bed with a desk area underneath will satisfy the need for both uses while taking up the same amount of space.


Make the idea of bedtime fun

Bedtime for younger children can be stressful at times and one of the ways you can help with that nighttime routine is by making their bedroom one of their favourite places to be. Beds don’t have to be boring. Check in with your child and find out what their dream setup would be. We love these simple house beds that will help to make your little one feel secure while also acting as a playhouse during the day.


Image credit: H&M Home


Go for simple but playful bedding

While your child’s favourite movie character emblazoned on their bed might be their idea of a good bedroom, it probably won’t be ticking any of your own style boxes. Designing a kid’s bedroom is all about compromise so offer your child a choice of simple bedding options that still have a little bit of personality, colour and flair. You’ll still be giving them the opportunity to pick for themselves while avoiding the dreaded busy aesthetic that comes with most cartoon bed linen items.


Image credit: Zara Home


Bunk beds are always a good idea

It’s fairly common for two young children to share a room and if that sounds like your family setup, bunk beds are always a popular small space solution. Although, bear in mind that you may have to set up a top bunk schedule! Two children means two personalities which can be difficult for creating a succinct kids’ bedroom. In this case, work to a theme that matches to them both such as a jungle or space design. It’s possible for a brother and sister to manage to share their bedroom in a coordinated way, promise!


Image credit: Elle Decor

Buy storage that’s smart

Good storage is key to any children’s bedroom. We all know the struggles of trying to find a home for small cars, teddies and the dressing up gear. Prepare for the onslaught of Christmas and birthday presents with storage that can be hidden or is integrated into other furniture. Think desks with lots of drawer space or shelves that can display larger objects as well as the standard books. Lockers are a really great way of hiding “things” but keeping the general aesthetic cool. Another solution for smaller rooms is storage on wheels which can be slid under the bed when not in use.


Image: Roby Baldan Interiors

Get creative with wall murals

If you’re looking for something to work on together for your child’s bedroom, a mural is the perfect way to get a little bit creative. Consider your theme and what’s within your abilities before hitting the walls. But don’t worry, if you’re not a dab hand with a paintbrush, wall decals are also a great option for adding personality and can be stuck to the walls as a parent-child activity.


Image credit: IKEA

Use textiles to create large scale wall art

Expensive prints or artwork aren’t necessarily most at home in a child’s bedroom so think outside the box when it comes to wall art. Rugs or large textile pieces can make incredible statement wall pieces and won’t break the bank either.


Image credit: Ferm Living

Incorporate a place to study

Once your child is old enough to have regular homework and study time, he or she will need an area designed for homework. It’s good to get them used to this at an earlier age and you don’t need anything elaborate – a simple desk and an adjustable chair are enough for writing, drawing and reading.


Image credit: Architectural Digest

Opt for decorative storage too

A great way to encourage a tidy room is to make sure you have some decorative storage too. Baskets come in all shapes and sizes these days and toys can easily be thrown in and covered up. They’ll also add to the overall look of the room. It’s a bonus if the rest of your house follows a slightly more boho aesthetic.


Image credit: Ferm Living

Style corners to inspire adventures

A larger child’s bedroom means you’ve got a little bit more room to play around. Inspire the creative and adventurous side of the brain while also getting major style points by setting up a little styled area in one corner. Teepees and canopies always help to create a magical and elegant setting, suitable for both boys and girls, and will help to create a more relaxed ambience in the room – you’re welcome!


Image credit: Bloomingville

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