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A common brief for our interior design projects is ‘to create an elegant space with a sophisticated atmosphere’. So common that we’ve found ourselves continually developing our own definition of elegance. What does elegance mean to our clients? What does it mean to us? And how can we incorporate it into design schemes in a personal way?

We’ve spent a lot of time analysing the word. If you’ve arrived here looking on tips on how to create an elegant home, you’re in luck, but do remember that elegance is a personal preference – here’s what elegance means to us and how you can ooze elegance in your own home.

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What does an elegant interior entail?

If you look up the word elegant you’ll find a simple definition – “the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.”  However, in our opinion, the word “elegant” can sound imposing and austere. The Downton Abbey aesthetic easily springs to mind.

At Roby Baldan Interiors, our interpretation of elegance is attractive and sophisticated whilst being approachable, personable, warm and inviting. We believe that elegance is a personal manifesto; it’s a reflection of you and your family’s personality. It’s not about breaking the bank or making a luxurious environment. Our mission is to evoke happiness by designing elegant, vibrant and comfortable interior spaces which are a true expression of your aspiration, individuality and aesthetic.

Everyone has their own take on elegance, and we’re here to make that a reality. You can find some examples of our favourite interiors that evoke elegance below.


The Timeless Living Room

Image credit: Meridiani

The Country Retreat


Image credit: Axel Vervoordt

The Colourful and Quirky

Image credit: Jonathan Adler

The Minimal Take


Image credit: Gervasoni


The Eclectic Setup


Image: Roby Baldan Interiors

The Modern Approach

Image credit: H&M Home

Five tips to inject elegance and style into YOUR home

Elegance is all about not trying too hard but if you’re still looking for a helping hand on creating an elegant interior design scheme, here are a few tips on how you can create a home that’s a true reflection of you.


1- Consider your colour choice carefully

Your home will embrace your style, make you happy, comfort you, be joyful: it will be whatever you need it to be. Don’t sway from your own personal preferences and choose a colour that truly embodies you. It’s easy to be led by trends and “what’s hot” but ultimately only you have to live on a day-to-day basis with your choices. Opt for base colours that put you in a good mood and work with the function of a room.



2 – Go all out on soft furnishings

Home is where the heart is and elegance is all about creating a cosy atmosphere. There’s no better way to do this than to deck your home out with plenty of texture, colour and warmth via soft furnishings. Drape throws carefully on sofas and the backs of chairs, layer rugs for ultra barefoot comfort and pile on the cushions – soaking back into your bed or sofa is the ultimate decadence after a busy day at work.




3- Think about your lighting

Lighting is one of the key ways to bring a room to life and is easily one of the most forgotten elements when putting together an interior design scheme. Consider the function of the room you are decorating and work out what you’ll need for different areas. Consider that there are three different types: ambient, accent and task lighting. You need to think about how you layer these to create the most intimate space.



4- Hang a range of artwork

Elegance isn’t formal and humourless. It flows from inner confidence and leaves plenty of room for frivolity and self-expression. Artwork is a wonderful way to introduce your own personal style without risk and really convey a sense of your identity. Hang a mixture or large-scale pieces and smaller works, while mixing and matching styles. You don’t need to go for a uniform look, so be experimental.



5- Style it up

It’s all about the details when it comes to creating an elegant decor. The final touches can make or break when creating a scheme that works. You may think that only you will notice, but paying attention is vital. Take a room from dull to dreamy with freshly-cut flowers arranged beautifully, your favourite objects styled proudly and soothing scents continuously running through the house.

These things make all the difference and by creating a sense of authenticity in your home, it will automatically say elegant. Combine comfortable pieces with the more sophisticated ones, embrace luxury but don’t take it too seriously, be artistic, creative, imaginative, inventive, original. That’s what elegance is all about.



Roby Baldan Interiors is a boutique studio based in Battersea, London. Get in touch with us for further interior design advice and to request a consultation.

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Roby Baldan Interiors is a boutique interior design studio based in Battersea, South West London. Our mission is to create elegant, vibrant and comfortable interior spaces which are a true expression of each client’s aspiration, individuality and aesthetic. 



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