My Story

“I believe our homes are an expression of our souls, spaces in which we can create happiness and improve the quality of our lives. By designing elegant, vibrant and comfortable interior spaces which combines aspirations, beauty, personalities and practicalities we improve wellbeing and elevate happiness.”.

– Roby Baldan, Founder and Director

A former Fine Art and Jewellery insurance broker for 25 years, my love of design began during my childhood in Italy, influenced by my mother’s career as a fashion designer. 

I enjoyed many hours watching her drawing patterns, choosing textiles and mastering different tecniques for hanging and working with an abundance of materials. Texture became second nature to me; I can tell a material composition simply by looking at it now!

Whilst working in Fine Art Insurance in London, I assisted several friends with their home renovations, invoving full refurbishment and project coordination. 

My project list organically evolved via word of mouth and with my creative flair and love of design reignited I decided to dedicate myself fully to a career in interiors.

As a psychology graduate and having a spontaneous empathetic disposition, I am interested in listening to my clients to fully understand and uncover their needs before we collaborate. My detailed knowledge of the art world (combined with financial understanding of the market) gives me a unique perspective for each interiors project – as well as helping my clients choose and buy artwork.


Complimentary Consultation

Would you love to transform your home but you’re not sure where to start?

If you live in or around London, you can book a complimentary one hour consultation with Roby to discuss ideas and understand your aspirations and needs.

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